17 Outdoor Décor Tips That Don’t Cost the Earth

17 Outdoor Décor Tips That Don’t Cost the Earth

Your back garden deserves more than a few plastic chairs and a potted plant or two, and so do you. But unfortunately, many homeowners are under the impression that tasteful garden décor comes with a hefty price tag. The truth, however, is that with a few tips, you too can create a backyard oasis that would grace the cover of any home décor magazine. Here are seventeen tips to help you on your way, and they don’t have to cost you a small fortune.

[Outdoor Décor Tips #1]
Recreate a Room Without Walls

Outdoor decor tips: recreate a room without walls

Think of your outdoor area as a room without walls and decorate it exactly as you would if it were in the house. For example, for a living area, add a sofa, coffee table and even end tables along with a standard lamp and a fire pit. It’s a simple approach to outdoor décor that always works.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #2]
Canvas for Privacy

Outdoor decor tips: canvas for privacy

Add a little privacy to an urban backyard with a high wooden fence. Not only does this provide you with some much-needed seclusion but also a blank canvas to decorate on. Hang some pictures and art, or go all out and have a mural painted there. You can even use it for storing barbecuing utensils.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #3]
Lounge Style

Outdoor decor tips: Lounge style

Even the smallest of outdoor areas can be changed with one simple addition; the day sofa. Add some cushions, and a table with a few candles and that back porch is now an oasis of calm where you can ‘get away’ from it all.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #4]
Dining al Fresco

Outdoor decor tips: dining al fresco

If eating outdoors is something you want to do more of, then it pays to spend a little effort on your dining area. Invest in some weatherproof furniture, so you don’t need to worry about it being outside and make sure that any furniture has a solid base. You don’t want those table and chair legs sinking into your lawn.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #5]
Separate Yourself From The House

Outdoor decor tips: separate yourself from the house

If you have a large garden, then you really should make the most of it. Create dining or seating areas that are completely removed from the house. Doing so allows you to detach yourself from the distractions of your house. Besides it feels so much more ‘outdoorsy’ to sit at the end of the garden that it does to sit under the kitchen window.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #6]
One Colour to Rule Them All

Outdoor decor tips: one colour to rule them all

A great way to add cohesion to your outdoor décor efforts is to use a single colour as your theme. But don’t go overboard, if orange is your theme then choosing a few elements in that hue such as seat covers, a lampshade, or candles can bring it all together.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #7]
Décor For One

Outdoor decor tips: decor for one

If you have a small garden, then choose one piece of furniture (ideally suited to your purpose of course) such as a sofa or table, and make it the focal point of the area. A table can have an impressive dried flower arrangement or a selection of candles while a sofa can have a colourful throw and cushions.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #8]
Enhance Your View

Outdoor decor tips: enhance your view

Even if the only view you have is of a garden fence, make the most of it. Hang plants on fences, paint boundary walls in cheerful colours, or you can even hang some pictures there. Whatever you do to enhance the view, you should also make sure that you don’t block it with bulky furniture such as high-backed chairs. Benches rule the world of small garden décor.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #9]
Create a Mini Home From Home

Outdoor decor tips: mini home from home

Repurpose the kids’ old wooden playhouse by repainting it and perhaps removing a wall or two. Fill it with cushions, and you now have the perfect lounging area at the end of your garden.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #10]
Buckets Aren’t Just For Water

Outdoor decor tips: buckets aren't just for water

Old metal mop buckets or milk urns make for great planters and add so much more character to the corner of your garden than regular plastic pots.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #11]
Pallet Palette

Outdoor decor tips: Pallet palette

Paint an old pallet, stand it in a corner and use it as a display area. Plants, pictures, candles, use whatever you want to add a little colour to a drab or boring area of your garden.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #12]
Mix It Up

Outdoor decor tips: mix it up

While keeping to a general theme is décor 101, it’s possible to mix things up a bit for fun. Keep all your chairs the same style but in different colours or vice versa. This helps to keep things a little interesting and makes it easier to add additional pieces later down the line.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #13]
Hit The Lights

Outdoor decor tips: hit the lights

We all love our string lights in the garden and candles are also a common finishing touch to an outdoor area. But what about the standard lamp? It’s a subtle design touch that brings a little home comfort to your porch.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #14]
Create Space

Outdoor decor tips: create space

You probably can’t expand your garden without upsetting your neighbours, but you can add depth. Place mirrors in old window frames and create the illusion of more space without having to buy the house next door.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #15]
Wheel It In

Outdoor decor tips: Wheel it in

Old wheelbarrows are often used as planters, and while they look great, you’ll see them everywhere. Try using that old wheelbarrow or wagon as a drinks cooler or to serve up food from the barbecue. Expect plenty of witty ‘off the wagon’ remarks from your friends though.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #16]
Wine And Dine

Outdoor decor tips: wine and dine


For the birds that is. Use an old wine bottle to make a quirky bird feeder. Just make sure you clean it out properly, or your feathered friends might enjoy their meal a little too much. You can also use old wine bottles to create your own permanent tiki torches.


[Outdoor Décor Tips #17]
Stump Up

Outdoor decor tips: stump up

If you’re cutting down a tree, leave enough of the stump in place that you can put a piece of wood on it and use it as a table. You’ll struggle to find another style of table that fits in so well with its surroundings.

These are just some of the hundreds of ways that you can add both character and depth to your garden no matter how big or small it may be. And remember, like we said earlier, outdoor décor does not require a second mortgage.


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17 Outdoor Décor Tips That Don’t Cost the Earth
17 Outdoor Décor Tips That Don’t Cost…

Your back garden deserves more than a few plastic chairs and a potted plant or two, and so do you.

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