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What do I need to be aware of for Kwila Furniture?

Kwila’s natural oil will cause the furniture to leach or “bleed” an excess dark red/brown sap when first exposed to rain or heavy dew. As the nature of each piece of timber is different, the bleeding period is unpredictable in length. We recommend a thorough hosing down of the furniture on a grassed area, or having it outdoors during heavy rainfall which will assist in flushing the excess sap away and thus hasten the bleeding process. Do not bleed furniture on a paved area/deck, as the excess sap will stain the surface.  After bleeding is complete, the natural oil remaining in the wood acts as an inherent preservative to protect the timber from splitting or cracking.

Depending on the amount of UV, Kwila furniture will gradually fade to a silver/grey unless regularly oiled. Kwila oil is a clear oil that can be wiped over with a lint free cloth, rag or paint brush (available at hardware stores).



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