Care Instructions

Care Instructions

To get the most from your furniture and avoid problems with warranty claims we recommend the following care instructions be followed:


Clean your frames regularly using mild soap and clean, warm water. Do not use abrasive materials or cleansers. Maintain your frames by covering with commercially available furniture covers or storing out of the elements when not in use. Always clean and dry thoroughly before storing.

PE Wicker

All Wicker products are actually a synthetic material. It is made of PE, Polyethelene. Clean by washing frequently with mild soap and warm water. Do not use abrasive materials or cleansers. Commercial vinyl protectors may stain the cushions.


Clean your cushions by wiping up minor spills with a mild soap and a damp cloth. Although the fabric has been treated to resist stains, over time it may be necessary to use commercially available cleaners. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Maintain your cushions by storing them in a dry area out of the elements or cover them with commercially available furniture covers when not in use. If your furniture is being used in an area where birds and trees are plentiful, covering the cushions is especially recommended. We recommend to only hand wash cushions.

Glass Table Tops

Use mild soap and water or commercially available glass cleaners. Do not use cleansers or abrasive materials.